How Floor Tape Can Reduce Accidents and Injuries At Work

Implementing effective health and safety measures in the workplace is crucial, being a key consideration for business owners. All employees should be able to go to work with the assurance that their welfare is taken into consideration and knowing they have access to the safety products they need to carry out their duties. More and

Why is Visual Communication Effective for Safety?

When trying to improve safety in the workplace there are many things that can be done. One of the most effective strategies, however, is using visual communication. Taking some time to learn about why visual communication techniques are so effective for safety will help to illustrate the importance they offer. What is Visual Communication? The

Floor Marking Tape Applications

A visual communication strategy is not complete without floor tape! Although a simple tool, the possibilities of floor tape are virtually endless. It can make spaces easier to navigate, alert workers to hazards, improve organization, boost safety, and much more. Industrial floor marking tape has a number of uses in a facility and below we